Spacer for Ortur LM2 20W laser head which collides with X Axis Coupler

My 20W laser head was hitting the X axis coupler when it tried to home X to the left edge. So I made a spacer… a shim… a gasket. It spaces the laser head further forward on the X axis rail. I have pictures and a burn file for anyone. There are pictures in a zip file, unless it is OK to put them all here one at a time in a big string, which doesn’t sound right, but is doable. These are made from standard poster board and fall in at about 0.40 mm thick for my brand. I ended up using 4 to get spaced out. The slotted version is to clear the laser head dovetail slide adapter plate screws, but the unslotted version works fine as well sitting on top of them. While I did this I noticed the play in my X Transit slide and it gave play in the Z axis as well, and I recently read someone complaining or asking about this.
On the Ortur Laser Master 2 specifically. I found mine easy to adjust out and re-tensioned the X belt all while I was adding my laser head spacer gaskets. Is there another upload location because I have a photo pack of the change over and adjustments?

Ortur Laser Mount Spacer for 20 Watt Laser No Slots.lbrn2 (35.7 KB)
Ortur Laser Mount Spacer for 20 Watt Laser With Slots.lbrn2 (32.4 KB)

The package is on MediaFire: