Spare motherboard for Ortur laser master 2 s2

Hi everyone,
I have been using my Ortur for a few months until a dramatic incident this week : the limit switch did not respond during the homing, which resulted in the motor trying to advance against the frame. Eventually there was some smoke coming from the motherboard aaand it’s gone.
I tested the fuses, they work well which leads me to think the motherboard is dead, and I have to replace it. The version I have (had) is olm-esp-pro_v1.2a.
Does someone know what is the difference with olm-esp-pro_v1.2 (which seems easier to find ) ? Or if I can make the most of it and upgrade the motherboard to a newer version ?
Thank you so much,

Wow. I’ve had my share of crashes but never fried the board.

I’ll direct this to @OrturTech as he’d likely know about these specifics.

i think the sequence of events might be reversed. Motherboard failure lead to failed homing then it just ended failing all toguther

Reach to support Ortur Customer Support – Ortur Support Ticketing System please

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OK, ticket submitted, thanks !

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