Special thanks to developers

I’ve been adding a list of thank-yous for feature additions and improvements for a while.

  1. Thanks for adding tabs, thanks again for adding a way to make a tab partially cut- makes puzzle cutting a breeze.
  2. Thanks for adding multi-cutting settings in layers. I didn’t quite get the use case at first, now I use multi-cut settings for wood inlay engraving and cutting.
  3. Thanks for having an automatic backup of preferences. Yesterday my laser or Lightburn lost its mind and would frame any size object to the entire workspace. No idea how that happened. So I just went to preferences back up and picked a backup from a few days ago and all was back to normal.
  4. Thanks for improvements to the Library, allowing linking and unlinking.

And just generally thanks!

I had next to no learning curve from calibration to design to cut. No other CAD/CAM software I’ve used was this easy.

Amazingly logical and well thought out software.

The optimisation available for DXF is brilliant too.

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