Speed acceleration problem

I still have a problem I have a small offset and I would like to change some parameter to improve its type maximum speed or acceleration here is the attached photo of my parameter which seems wrong to you
thank you

Where did you get this configuration? Since there are decimal points, I assume commas like we use in the US…

Your values are VERY high as far as I can tell.

The ‘start speed’ is where the min/max power curve begins. Doubt you will be running at 15,000mm/s.

Screenshot from 2021-12-30 11-48-29

Is that max acceleration at 3,000,000mm/s?

Screenshot from 2021-12-30 11-49-39

Here are a couple of shots of my machines configuration. The head on my machine has low mass so it can accelerate much quicker than a ‘stock’ head. My head speed is high, but yours is even higher.

Screenshot from 2021-12-30 11-44-55


thank you for the answer
my system is european

I have a Chinese laser 1400 * 900 mm tube 150W guide rail 12 mm wide controller
Ruida 6442
I already modify by ten times the X axis by dividing by 2.5 I still have to try the game catching

axe x reduction

You lost me here…?


Window titles are in French. French numeric format is space for the thousands separator and comma for the decimal separator, so Denis’ “3 000,000” is equivalent to the US “3,000.000”

I was wondering about the comma, but saw decimals used also… Sorry about that…


I have a Chinese machine of 1400 * 900 mm, would someone have the same to compare my parameters of the ruida 6442s controller, thank you

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