Speed and power in light burn

I have a yorahome 6550 5.5 in GBRL I can burn images and lines at 900/350 but in light burn at the same setting it goes way to fast at that setting of 900 and will not burn images at all it will go to the start point and then stop.This is my frist laser so i am learning

expanding on this, (helping a friend set up lightburn) when the speed is 900 in lightburn it will complete a 7x7 box in 15 sec. when the speed was lowered to 30 it would take about 1min to complete the path.
it seemed that laser power was the ok. we also tried to do text, an image, a circle and the laser would not complete it. it would position at the start of the burn and would stop and not return to origin.
When running in GBRL it is fine.
I dont know of anything else that could cause these limits

Guys, this is feeling like deja vu. I’ve responded to the other topic where both of you have posted and not heard a reply.

A few things to watch out for:

  1. When speaking about speeds you need to make sure to include units in your descriptions (e.g. mm/min, mm/s, in/s, etc.). Without this it’s impossible to gauge if something is unusual. This is likely the source of any perceived difference in what you guys are doing.
  2. It’s helpful to include screenshots of whatever you’re dealing with otherwise things are open to interpretation. And importantly they’re going through your perception of what’s happening which might not actually be the case.

In this case, please include screenshots of laserGRBL vs LightBurn to articulate the difference that you’re experiencing. Also, please update the problem statement to include units and what exactly is happening. It’s not descriptive enough to use relative words like “slow” or “fast”.

Also, would be nice to get a response to my previous post if you’re looking to advance the troubleshooting process.

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