Speed and power list?

Are there any basic settings info for different materials and types of projects you’re doing? It took me about 4 setting changes before the fonts even started to show when switching from hardwood to softwood.

I was thing about that a couple of days ago. I do 3D Resin printing and on our forums & FB we have a spreadsheet that people add there setting for each type of resin etc.

It would be great if we could have a nice spreadsheet and people add their setting they use for different materials . Give a new person a jump start.

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You could use https://lightburn.fider.io/ and post a suggestion that the developers add a page to the website. I think Trotek has some guidelines in a published document somewhere but user’s experience by machine type would be more useful.

LightBurn supports many different kinds of lasers, with very different power and settings ranges. It’s not practical for us to provide presets for all the different kinds of machines.

Your profile says you have a Shapeoko, which implies that you have a diode laser, but no mention of make, model, or power, so I haven’t the foggiest idea of what you have. Without more info, the best suggestion I have is that most decent diode makers, like JTech, Opt Lasers, etc, will have some guidance on speed and power settings for various materials for the different lasers they sell.


Thanks Oz, you were right!!! Happy Holidays

One thing I do once I have a setting for a material for either cut or scan I save the settings on my library.

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