Speed and power settings

Chinese 100w CO2 laser. RUIDA controller. LightBurn software.
I can not get a speed higher than 160 and power less than 10. I am sure that there is something that I have wrong in my settings that is limiting it.

With 100w CO2 tubes, you’re not going to be able to go lower than 10%, because it takes more energy than that to trigger the tube and get it to actually fire a laser. As for 160 speed, I’ll assume we’re talking about mm/sec? That could be a setting in the controller, but I’m not immediately aware. You can check the settings out for the controller if you go to Edit -> Machine Settings, when you’re connected to the laser. If it asks for a password, it’s going to be something like RD8888. I wouldn’t recommend changing any of those values without backing them up or writing down what you changed, or without knowing what they do for sure. You could probably break something relatively easily.

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