Speed between cutting?

Not sure of this lives in software or hardware… I’m thinking hardware, but just looking for a swift answer… Were is a or the setting for the motor movement speed, between cuts?

I’m cutting at 40mm/s and motor jerks between each cut…i.e moves extremely fast, and I think this is causing me to miss steps, and get a lockout on my servo controller for the Y. I welcome any help? I thought this would be called, idle speed? Can you set it differently for X and y?

That will entirely depend on the controller/firmware set you have to drive your machine, which you haven’t shared. :slight_smile:

BTW, you can add this info to your forum profile/sig so you don’t have to repeat yourself and we won’t have to ask.

Oh sorry, Ruida controller

It would be the “Idle Speed” value in the machine settings.

Also, look at the accelleration settings. Lowering them a bit helps.