Speed is changing on a single layer job

I’m trying to cut some svg puzzle lines. It’s a single file altogether and under a single layer. However, after it burns the first line or two (a very slow pass for cutting) it jumps up to a rapid speed for all the other the other lines (thus making them invisible). Any idea what could cause the speed to jump up in the middle of a single layer job like this?

Do you have any Z moves enabled in the job? I have a bug to investigate for GCode systems where the feed rate isn’t restored properly after a Z move sometimes.

I’ll check when I get home. Thanks

no sign of any z moves in the job.

Email me the LBRN project and the GCode it generates and I’ll have a look. Developer at LightBurnSoftware dot com.

For the benefit of future readers, we determined it was a bug caused by having the cut delay switch toggled on. Should be fixed in the next release. For now just turn off the delay. Thanks for the help!

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