Speed not accuracy

Hey all. I just got a Sculpfun S30 Pro Max with the extenders to cut large, simple shapes in single wall 0.15"/3.8mm cardboard. I’m looking for set up tips to cut as quickly as possible, where accuracy is not important. The shapes are rectangles, hemispheres, octagons, etc. in the 4" to 32" range.

I need to cut a lot of these, so speed matters.

Any tips or ideas to help me get off the right foot would be greatly appreciated.


You did not specify the module you have in terms of power, however diode machines are - by budget constraints - not the best machines to cut “FAST”

3.8mm cardboard should be find though but given the way diodes cut you will risk some fire hazards to cut through all

I would suggest defocusing your module so the focal point is 2mm IN the material
Then try to cut maybe in 2 passes - object at once - with full air assist
This might avoid fire hazard

The S30 Pro Max is 20W.

You may find cutting this is comparable to cutting 3mm plywood. try cutting in a single pass. then try cutting in 2-3 passes. The second may be faster.

Using the extension kit usually slows things down. There is more mass to be moved. As others stated, only YOU can determine which settings work best for you. Do a material test and check what’s the fastest speed you can cut. I also recommend trying 2-3 faster passes instead of one slower pass, that typically gives another 10% speed increase.