Speed of cuts on 7w jtech

So ive been running some tests. I dont think im running the speed specified in my cuts section. I did a run at 160ipm and another at 600ipm they both took 8 minutes to complete. Any tips here? Using lightburn 0.9.07 on grbl its a jtech 7w diode laser.

600 IPM is about 250 mm/sec, and 160 IPM is about 70 mm/sec. You haven’t said what you’re trying to cut, or what your physical machine is. There’s a decent chance you’re not getting up to your requested speed if the acceleration or max speed is low, or if the design contains lots of small sharp turns.

Type $$ in the console and hit enter. What does it show for $110 and $111 ? Those are your maximum travel speeds for X & Y in mm / minute.

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