Speed of my Genmitsu diode laser

I have Jinsoku (Genmitsu) LE-1620 diode laser, very similar to the Ortur. I just dusted it off and getting back into Lightburn. Speed? I asked Genmitsu how fast the machine can go; "Thanks for contacting SainSmart.

The maxinum movment speed of our laser machine is 500mm/sec.

Thank you,"

I drew a square 150mm wide and selected a Fill. This laser tops out at approx. 100mm/sec. I’m using the stopwatch on my phone. 300mm(2 passes for more data) in 3 secs = 100mm/sec. I’m thinking the 500mm I got in their email response was a typo. This is some other runs I got:

LB 50mm/sec Laser 50mm/sec
LB 75mm/sec Laser 75mm/sec
LB 100mm/sec Laser 75mm/sec
LB 125mm/sec Laser 100mm/sec
LB 150mm/sec Laser 100mm/sec
LB 175mm/sec Laser 100mm/sec
LB 200mm/sec Laser 100mm/sec

Has anyone here experienced similar data with their Genmitsu or Ortur?

I don’t have experience with that laser but based on the design I’d guess that max speed would be closer to 500 mm/min than 500 mm/s.