Speed, Power and Pass

Hey guys, I’m a newbie and I’m having a problem setting my power and speed in order to cut out material. I am using a jtech 7w laser and I just cant get it to cut. Im using 3/16 birch and nothing is working. I currently have it set at 80% power 10% speed and 3 passes and its not cutting but is burning the wood (lots of smoke). Thanks for any advice.

a couple things to try -
set your focus at 2.5MM instead of 3/16 - half way point of the material.
Go faster, with more passes, to limit the charring. What is the max speed of that laser - what does 10% translate to?

I’m really green and I guess I didnt use the right terminology. The speed was set at 10in and the power was at 80% with 3 passes and didnt cut. I watched a jtech youtube video and they suggested for the 7w laser to use 80in with 80% power. So, I increased it to the suggested setting and did 12 passes and still didn’t cut. Funny thing is I cut last night at 25in 80% power and 3 passes and it was perfect. I just don’t know.

10" per what? 10"/sec is much faster than 10" per hour. As an FYI, ‘Speed’ is always expressed as units (in this case, inches) over time.

10" per min.

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