Speed Setting Changed when file is opened in lightburn

I have recently upgraded to version 1.6.03. When I load a previously saved file. I noticed on the cuts and layers screen that the speed setting for both fill and cut have changed, by approximately 60 times slower. E.G. Fill. 500/100. changed to 8.3/ 100, 1000/100 to 16.7/100. 1500/100 to 33.3/100. This is for an Engraving Test Patten designed by me in Lightburn Range Speeds from 500 to 5000 in 500 increments. The 5000/100 follows the same speed change being 60 times lower 83.3/100. (83.3 x 60.024 = 5000). The only change I have made since upgrading to 1.6.03 was re calibrating the Machine x and Y Axis’s which were run and changed 4 times us 150mm x 150 mm Squares averaging 6 Y and 6 X measurements. My laser is a Algolaser DIY 5.5W Kit and Lightburn is being used on my IMac Computer via a TCP setting. Also there4 has been another change. when you send a file to the laser it will fame with the laser light on but will not Cut or Engrave using the correct setting Cut (Line) 200/100. Engrave (Fill) 3000/100. When you preview the project in Lightburn everything look ok.

Do you have multiple device profiles set up in LightBurn?

Having the laser on when framing is something you can adjust in your device settings.

Does your s-value max match your machine’s settings?

You have changed from mm/s to mm/m that’s why its out by 60, i will make no difference to your results, but better to change it back to the setting you are used to working with.

Re: Multiple Devices. Yes the laser was was added to the device originally as a GRBL Serial/USB. The originally device was used to setup the Second Device as a GRBL Ethernet/TCP. I have now removed the GRBL Serial/USB device and now I only have the GRBL Ethernet/TCP for the Laser. The instructions have from Algolaser did not tell me I had to remove the GRBL Serial/USB from the devices in Lightburn.

Re: S-Value. The Machine Setting and the Console $30 both equaled 10000. But the Device Setting s-v alue max equaled 1000, witch has now been changed to 10000.

Thank you for your assistance the laser is now cutting correctly.

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I did not change the units and grid setting the settings. The setting must have defaulted to mm / sec. after I had ran the upgrade to 1.6.03 The check box under Better for Co2/galvo was highlighted. I have now changed this to mm / min under Better for Diode section for the setting.

Thank you for your assistance.