Speed setting questions

So not knowing lightburn very well, is there a significant difference between the speed settings from xcs to lightburn. Does engraving a slate coaster with 3000 sp and 30 pwr sound reasonable. Or am I confusing the (mm/m) in xcs and lightburn?

The units used in LightBurn is configurable in Edit->Settings.

Typically diode lasers are better suited for mm/min. I believe LightBurn may default to mm/s if no change is made. Units are shown in LightBurn cut settings but may not be immediately apparent.

Once you have comparable units to XCS then speed and performance should be comparable.

So I have better for diode setting at mm/ min but the power and speed come up as 3000/30. Did the “material settings for xtool on lightburn” file I purchased not loading in proper settings. 3000 for speed is just not right.

So xcs has mm/s, is there a way to convert

Sorry for wasting your time I do see that the conversion is 60. 3000 mm/m is 50 mm/s.

Next question: so how to you handle images, do you need to make sure you use the dxf file andnot the png

DXF is typically used for CAD drawing and would mostly have vector graphics.

PNG or JPG are both fine for images as are a number of other image formats. PNG can include transparency data so may be a benefit.

But when I use a png that comes across as an image in the layers I can not select a setting from my library. The layer is highlighted but assign button stays gray.

Are you talking about your material library? If so, then you need to make sure the library setting is for image mode types. Only compatible layer types can be assigned.

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