Speed slowing when engraving multiple copies

Ruida controller on a120 watt machine. Engraving wood coasters at 11.5% / 200mm with a Z offset of 2mm, all on one layer. Engraves perfectly on the first one, proceeds to second one and the X travel is noticeably slower although the machine still displays 200mm, so I repeat the process and timed the results. The entire job took 13:55…the first one was completed in 5:30, the second one took 8:26 to complete. Any suggestions?

Not without more detail do I have any suggestions. If you can provide the following:

(be sure to click read to get the info from the controller)

  • Job parameters (layer settings) of this coaster project.

You could even elect to upload the lightburn file if this is something you do not mind sharing.

Sorry so slow to reply, was out of town for a couple of days.

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