Speeding up etching multiple parts at once

Hi all,
First I would like to say thank you to all the help everyone provides here.
Here’s my question. I have a template created so I can etch 25 pieces at a time. 5 rows of five. My laser goes back and forth to etch five pieces at a time horizontally. I read that if that is changed to run vertically and etch one piece then move up to the next and repeat it will run faster. It’s taking me 3 hours to do it the way I am now. How can I get Lightburn to etch rows vertically and not horizontal? Thanks again for all your help.

It’s very unlikely that scanning vertically will improve performance. You can change scanning angle in your Cut settings. Change to a multiple of 90 degrees to scan vertically.

There’s a second component to your question, however. It’s not just the scan angle but the fact that you’re scanning across all 5 pieces at a time. You can change those behaviors in the Cut setting again with “Fill all shapes at once”, “Fill groups together”, and “Fill shapes individually”. You’re likely using one of the first two. Going to “Fill shapes individually” will likely fill one shape at a time.

Having said that, there are tradeoffs to this. Depending on the nature of your design and the spacing between shapes this may or may not be faster. This could also adversely affect quality. Typically consistent scanning across the entire design is likely to have the best quality but it’s possible you’ll get perfectly fine quality doing it individually.

In the Cut Settings Editor you can select “Fill shapes individually” - that way it will do one shape before moving to the next.

This changed my process time from 3 1/2 hours to 51 minutes. Thanks again