Speeding up process

Quick question for all you LB gurus - :slight_smile:

Is there a way of speeding up this so that it’ll accomplish a similar visual than having to run three passes?

It’s currently 3 passes at 1000 speed - 45%, 35% and 25% to give it a sort of ‘leopard’ 3d pattern but obviously that takes considerable lasertime.

TIA :slight_smile:

LOGO.lbrn (162.5 KB)

I think you can try using the “Flood Fill” option and you may be able to save a little time…

Just click on your layer and you will see an “Advanced” tab. Click on that and enable Flood Fill. You will need to do this for each layer.

I’ve never used Flood Fills but I do know that in some instances it is a faster process.

Good Luck!

Try ‘select all’ then ‘group together’. seems to save a bit of time.

It may notsave time, having a problem with lbn, showing same time for everything now. :thinking:

I would mask it with transfer paper, weed it and spray, if your machine can’t engrave very fast.

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