Speeding up the engraving of an outline?

Hey guys I am etching a company logo that has a large oval frame around the entire unit with a TON of empty space in the middle. The time it takes to cross the whole shape is resulting in an engraving over 2 hours. Is there a way to have the software do something like that “smarter”? I may have to cut the shape into different parts, but I was trying to avoid that. Any suggestions?

This is what the Flood Fill option was for, but Ruida controllers are really fussy about how paths are set up, and it caused controllers to behave erratically, so it was disabled until I can fix it.

For now, the best option is to split the outer shape using the boolean tools.

Thanks, I did cut it up and it went from 285 min to 85 min. I appreciate the response.

Wasn’t there a video about how LB could do a fill on cretin paths to save time? Is that what “flood Fill” is? I remember watching a video about it but can’t seem to find that video anymore.

That’s probably Flood Fill, yes. It’s still available for GCode based systems, but even there it can cause issues if the machines aren’t tuned well, because of the way it jumps around. I’ve investigated and have a few solid ideas for how to fix it all, but it will take a bit of time to make the needed changes.

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Found the video!! This will be a really really awesome feature when its ready!! Now that I have more experience with LB and my laser this is a well needed “mode”

For those of you who are unsure of what this is, check out the video!


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