Speedsettings for my laser

I tried setting my speed for aligning my laser to center. that part worked but now when I try to engrave basswood 3mm it engraves really really slow. I dont know and cannot find what the original settings were, in the move window. does any know? or help me figure out what I did?
xtool d1 10w

In your cuts/layers what do you have your speed set at? Where did you adjust your move speed?

These two are not related…?

Please explain what you are trying to accomplish. We’ll have a better answer for you…


I have a xtool d1 10w, in lightburns move window is 3 settings, distance, speed and z-speed. after aligning my work project, my laser is engraving really slow, I was engraving at 65/50 but now in order to get that speed it has to be set at 600 sp and 20 power, for engraving basswood… I didn’t change any numbers except distance, but I don’t know what the original 3 numbers read because unfortunately i did not write them down. does anyone know what the default number settings are?

65/50 is really slow. Your second numbers are more realistic but still pretty slow. The settings in move window just affect your jogging. In general settings are your settings in mm/sec or mm/min?

mm/min is what its set at…

Conversion is simple mm/m = mm/s * 60

60mm/m * 1/60s/m = is about 1mm a second or about an inch in 25 seconds… pretty slow.


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