Spindle / laser conflict?

So I have been using Picsender for my spindle controller for several years now with great success.(and I want to keep using it)
What I notices today is, I had my laser system turned on and when I tried to start picsender I got the message that it could not find the com port.
Am I going to have a problem using my spindle and laser on the same [projects and from the same X Y zero? (of course taking into account the laser offset in Y)

Was Lightburn open? There might be an issue sharing the COM port between applications.

Yes, lightburn was running.
When I shut it down, picsender started ans normal.
I really need them to work in conjunction with each other.
On any given project I want to be able to run my laser then switch to the spindle to cut it out.
(using the same X Y zero locations)

I guess I don’t understand why you need to have them both open at the same time. What’s the issue with closing LB?

If i close it, wont I lose my X Y zero location?

Closing the software shouldn’t affect the working state of the controller. Only one application can be talking to the controller at one time.

I guess Ill have to rethink my process.
Which I guess shouldn’t be a big deal.
Ill just have to do all of my laser work, then come back with the spindle for the profile work.