Spindle Problem

Hello ,

I’m new on this forum , Let me introduce myself, I am 66 years old and retired and live in the west of little Belgium , but electronics and mechanic remain my hobby, so much knowledge gained in this hobby world over the years.I loved it.!
So i work normally width light-burn software width a home made laser engraving system rebuild en started from a Chinese base system EleksMaker width GRBL 1.1.h this works fine .

And now i have a new toy a CNC 3018 Pro mill engraver , this works width the GRBL 0.9.j version and it works width the LB softw but not correctly about the mill.
My problem is , i set the thickness of material eg 3mm ans start , but the problem ,i will not find this setting , ,is that the mill go to his position and directly dissent on the material before the mill turns , so it stuck my drill on the material , normally it must be reverse , the mill must be turn on and then dissent in to the material width a turned mill,

Can somebody help me solve this issue please , if it is possible of coarse in the softw.


Welcome @willy-lo, have you had a chance to review this post? Configuring a 3018 CNC (or other CNC-based laser) for use with LightBurn

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