Split a3 file in to 2x a4

Hi, I’m trying to cut an A3 sized project without having to increase the working size of my laser. I’ll need to split the work in to 2xA4. Does anyone know the best way of either splitting an A3 lightburn file in 2 or would I be better just starting my machine from bottom left edge and then top left on the next piece of wood??

It depends on what you’re doing. Is it something being cut out, or an image engraving? Do the two parts need to be perfectly registered with each other to produce a single continuous result?

Yes they’re both being cut out to meet each other perfectly for one result.

There’s not a built-in way to do this. You can do it manually, by splitting the design with the boolean tools and a bit of node editing, but lining up the second half so it’s in the correct spot to continue the cut is going to be tricky.

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