Split layers in Lightburn to cut

So I am very new to not only Lightburn but laser cutting/engraving in general. I am using an Xtool D1 with Lightburn, when I have a larger file is there a way to only cut one layer at a time allowing me to change material in between cuts?

Thanks for any help you can give.

If you enable ‘cut selected graphics’ in the laser window it will send only what’s ‘selected’. You could send a single layer or more that way…

Screenshot from 2022-01-30 09-38-29

Is that what you are looking for?


I saw that and I hope that would work, nervous about starting it and have it burn all 9 layers on 1 piece.

Thanks, maybe I will pull a smaller file with 2 layers to try.

If you don’t have any kind of ‘oops’ then it should be fine… The only issue to worry about is the machine or the material moving. This is a constant issue on any ‘run’.

Good luck…


Thanks I just checked the preview and it looks like it will work. Thanks again for your help.

No perspiration

Mark the thread solved, if that’s the case…

Take care, good luck


Another option is to disable the Output setting on a per layer basis.



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