Squaring a Creality Falcon 2 Gantry

All my searching has come up empty, hoping somebody here may know; is there a doc/guide on how to square the gantry on the Creality Falcon 2?

Mine is out, front to back, almost .25" over it’s length, and so all my squares are parallelograms :frowning:

I’ve taken it apart a bit and can’t see any obvious easy adjustment mechanism, and don’t want to do full exploratory surgery on a $1k tool if there is a known way out there.

Thanks in advance!!

Maybe this helps.

Thank you! I should have been more specific; I’m familiar with the process of squaring gantries on printers/cnc/cutters/etc, I’m specifically after this model laser. Most of the components are hidden inside the frame and I was trying to avoid unnecessarily disassembling parts that I didn’t need to in order to get to the adjustments.

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As some disassembly would be required I am a bit shy to offer advice
Lets ping Creality @Creality_Rachel

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Appreciate that sir, thank you!
@Creality_Rachel any help would be wonderful!! :slight_smile:

With no other input, I took another whack at this today. Here’s what I found, maybe it helps somebody in the future.

With the way this machine is put together, there is no real adjustment in the frame itself to square/unsquare it. Maybe a thou here or there, but not enough.

The core issue I had was that the two side carriages that support the gantry were not in plane with each other front-to-back. They are each driven by a captured belt on either side, which is in turn driven by a pulley at the front, both of which are on each end of a rod that passes through the Y stepper.

The CORRECT solution to this problem would have been to loosen one of the pulleys rotate it slightly, thus moving one carriage side independently from the other. The trouble is that on of the two set screws in the pulleys engage with a flat milled into each end of the motor’s through-shaft. This effectively fixes the position of each pulley relative to the other and negates being able to correct for out of square carriages/gantry.

I loosening one side’s belt and skipping a tooth where the belt passes through the gantry carriage, effectively moving that side closer or farther to the pulley. This got me closer, and then I was able to get the rest of the skew out via the extremely small amount of play in the mounts of the gantry to those side carriages.

If anyone from Creality is paying attention, this could have all been accomodated for by milling SLOTS into the four gantry/carriage mount points and using button-cap/panhead screws instead of wedge/flush screws. This would allow the user to ignore the carriage parallelism, and just square the gantry by sliding those screws in the slots.

If you have this problem and are feeling spunky, you could probably lengthen these slots with a file, then swap the comically-short wedge head screws for some longer pan heads.

Hope this helps somebody!