Squiggly lines at the end of an over scan test k40 with mini grbl

Seems like at 125 I start getting squiggly lines at the end and I can’t get the offset numbers to work.

I’m pretty new to this but I feel like 125 is kind of slow for this machine to be tapped out.

Is there a setting or something if that I need to be clear of when I’m doing this kind of test?

Or is it all machine you guys think? If so where do you guys think I should start?

To my eyes, which are old, they all look ‘squiggly’.


I think you expect a little too much from a K40.
I have never been able to drive (nicely) so fast with my K40 / MiniGerbil and not at all on such a short distance.
The test we can see over the last one, how fast are you engraving here?

120mm/s is fast for a K40? Never owned one, but I thought they were faster than that…