Stability problem. in versions 1.0.02 1.0.03 i 1.0.04

I have a problem with the stable operation of the program. On my both stands (2x win10), one has a newly installed system, I have a freezing problem. Waiting often doesn’t help, I have to shut down lightburn and restart. No error occurs. One workstation is for design purposes only and is not connected to the machine.
Has anything significant changed? Should I change anything in win10?
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What are you doing when it freezes? Anything specific that you can think of?

I think this is when lightburn saves a backup in the background.
But I can’t be sure. I will try to observe more. I thought someone noticed it too.

We did have an issue with auto-save, but I can’t recall which specific version that was fixed in.

We have had a couple users report that when Importing or Opening files, the file dialog itself acts strangely, or isn’t closing correctly, and will cause LightBurn to hang. I haven’t been able to reproduce this, but if you think that could be related, try this:

  • Open the LightBurn program folder in C:\Program Files\LightBurn
  • Find the program called LBFileDialog.exe
  • Rename it (just add .bak to the filename or something)

That will prevent LightBurn from finding the helper tool we use to present the file dialog, and it’ll fall back to the built-in version. This has corrected some intermittent issues for a small number of users.

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