Stainless Steel- Cut or Fill

I am struggling on getting good image on stainless steel. I performed a material test and the results were very adequate in regards to settings…power/vs speed. However, when I actually try to burn and image on stainless it is far less in contrast compared to my material test. In one case I increased the power to 90% and slowed my speed to 400mm/min and the image still was very faint. Any suggestions to improve image quality would be greatly appreciated.

I use a Atezr V35plus

What is the thickness of your piece? (<1mm good)

@parsec has the right question. Is the material capable of residual heat, or is it a thick heat sink? The Material Test has the heat concentrated in a small area. An image is raster scanned, so it is lingering in one specific area for a very small amount of time. Maybe 400mm/m is still too fast.

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