Start and stop messages from Lightburn

I’m not sure if there is already a way of doing this or if it needs to be a feature request but I was thinking if Lightburn could send messages out when a job was started or stopped eg via osc then it would be possible to control wifi plugs and peripheral equipment. eg fans, air assist, lights etc.

So err, is there a way of doing it? Is it a good idea? What do you think?

LightBurn’s policy is that they will not do anything that will promote unmanned laser operation.
I personally think it’s ok, I’ve experienced a fire in one of my laser machines, not violent, I was there and could react in good time.

For a DSP-based laser, we could signal on job start, but we honestly don’t know when the job is done because it’s “fire and forget”.

Are you opposed to having the ‘wifi’ control originating at the laser?

My Ruida has a ‘status’ sink that becomes active when the machine goes into ‘run’ mode, reverts when complete.

There is likely something similar on the Trocen.


Yeah that’s the route I’m going to go down. I have my air assist hooked up to that already - to the output which is high when the laser is actually cutting.

I’m going to connect the extraction to the other output which i think is high when the job has started. Or possibly I’ll put it on a switch and have a warning buzzer sound if it isn’t on. Operating it manually would give it the chance to come up to speed. Not sure, need to do some testing.

Thanks all!

My Ruida has a ‘status’ that indicates active ‘run’ status. It’s other sink is the ‘Wind’ which is active when the is in ‘run’ mode and the executing layer has ‘air assist’ enabled.

Yours probably has something similar.

I follow the ‘low pressure’ (‘Status’) if it’s running and ‘high pressure’ (‘Wind’) when ‘air assist’ is enabled.

Good luck.


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