Start and stop point burn

I am engraving text with a NEJE master 2. Is there a way to modulate the laser power at the start and stop points, so that I don’t have the dark spots.
It is a non issue when I am doing fill, but with just the line it does not look crisp.

Are you cutting the line? If so, try a lead in and lead out. It will be in your cut settings. If not cutting, then make sure your min and max power are not the same. Say max is 20% then the min should be approx 10%. Adjust as necessary.

Not a line, I am engraving text “Birds of Paradise” font. Set to line mode no fill.
I did not find the lead in and out commands.
My connection is GRBL-M3 1.1 or earlier. I am wondering if I have full control of the laser.

GRBL-M3 means “constant power output”, so it does not support ramping the power level up & down as the speed changes. If you change your firmware to GRBL 1.1f or higher, you can use the ‘GRBL’ device in LightBurn, which uses the ‘variable power’ output mode, and that ramps the power up and down as the speed changes, eliminating those dark spots.

I installed the GRBL 1.1f and switched to GRBL as my device. Thank you that seems to work much better…
I now need to get my speed settings correct, I see it is mm/m. I assume that is mm per minute.

Yes, that’s correct (mm/minute)

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