Start from current point & Starting position


Sometimes, when the compressor starts/stops it somehow interacts with the controller board (electrical noise?) and it disconnects from the PC, leaving the job at the middle.

Using the feature “Start here” I can resume the job from when it stopped, but since I lost the position of the laser, the Initial starting point of the job is lost. (I’m using the “Start from Current position” option).

I was thinking to use the “Start GCODE” script to put a line of code (M114;) to show in the console the current position right before any job starts, but it don’t show nothing in the console.

Any Ideas how can I automatically put in console, or get the position of the actual coordinates right before any job starts?


No ideas??

I would probably kill the problem at the source by putting the compressor on a different circuit or arranging some kind of filtering and surge protection for the laser power.