Start From Here with OverCut has issue

I’m doing some testing for plasma use case of LB and noticed errant move with Spindle Enabled (M3). I narrowed it down to this condition -

  1. using Start From Here feature
  2. using OverCut feature
    Problem: at end of shape cut, the cutter moves with spindle enabled (M3 in my case) to SFH starting node + Overcut amount.

I happen to be using GRBL-M3 mode since it’s most compatible with plasma torch trigger on/off state and movements, but I believe the issue also occurs in GRBL (M4) mode.
Simple test case posted here.
STH M3 bug.lbrn (4.6 KB)
including gcode with no STH for comparison, no bug in this case. No STH M3 bug.txt (314 Bytes)
here’s the errant gcode… STH M3 bug.txt (315 Bytes)


Is this a bug or did I code something wrong ?

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