"start from" option

I just did my first rotary stuff (Trocen controller, HP3655 BOSS) and it went well - rotary was set up on the controller, not within LightBurn.
On reverting back to non-rotary, the “Start from” option only shows “from controller”. I’m pretty sure I used to have several options, including a “user” option.
I’ve tried looking in the controller options, and don’t really see where or what might have altered, or what I can change. There is an origin setting under work mode, bit changing those doesn’t resolve the issue.
Any help appreciated.

Here is a current thread discussing this in detail. Bottom-line, the LightBurn UI has been changed to remove the “support headache” displaying these options caused.

From Oz: "Trocen has never supported the ability to change the origin settings from software, so you need to change the settings on the controller itself. Having the other settings present was a support headache because they didn’t work. It sounds like one of the options was giving you a behavior you wanted, but it wasn’t intentional.

Thank you. Appreciate the fast support as always.

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