"Start job on laser from here" does not correlate to where the laser actually starts

Occasionally I need to run specific shapes of a larger design from a specific point (e.g a small area needs a 2nd pass due to glue spot)

I’ve been using the “start job from here” feature for over a year with no issues, but lately it’s been wonky

The spot in the preview window does not correlate with where the laser begins to cut anymore.

For example, cutting a square. I drag the slider back until the preview window shows that it will start the job halfway down the left side, but when I actually “start job on laser from here” it starts from a corner instead.

Not sure what could have changed to affect this, but I’m perplexed.

Any insight? I’m still on 1.3.01, haven’t needed to update for a while since in receiving from a spinal surgery. Perhaps I should try that and see if it fixes it.

Check your optimization settings. There is an option called “chooose corners, if possible” that may be on.

I tried changing most of the optimization settings, didn’t fix or change the issue.

That was my only guess.

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