Start Point is proving difficult to change

Hi Guys, I have prepared a vector image on LB and saved a Gcode. The problem I have is that the job start point remains the machine start point. I relly need to get that green square in the middle of the screen but I cant. It is counterintuitive also as no dragging or zooming changes it. The gridd is permanently right and above. I cant even get the bottom left into view on y screen.
Needless to say, when I loaod it onto my snapmaker the bed just shoots from bottom left and its difficult to centre the work, even with a manual recentre on the machine. I hope that makes sense. I just want to have my work in the middle of the LB screen and the start point in the middle of the screen too - not asking much I hope

Thanks Jan, I got there eventually - just need to remember to select ‘User Origin’

Glad I could help/

Nope - thought it was fixed but it is still starting from the bottom left of the base. I have a graphic with the green square in the middle but the laser only recognizes the red square in the bottom left as the start point - any more ideas folks, please???

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