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Hello, I went to help and see instructions to make layers. But when I click00 or black cell 00 it apears a new cage. This one show C00 blinking and I can change C00 for C01. No new layer apears. I try other things but I cannot fond how to make a new layer. Could you help me? Thank you.

You are changing the layers of the object that you created. If you want another layer you have to create another object and then put it on another tab like 01 or 02.

As I’ve done here.

Start here. Tutorials – LightBurn Software

And or here

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Hello! Thank you very much! I have already do something simple. Thanks!

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Now I have a problem. I import a design from a dxf made at Fusion 360. Then I design on lightburn a few litle rectangules that I only want 3 pass of laser instead of 4. They are litle and burned it all with 4 pass full power. I put it on layer 2 blue by clicking in it. Rhe problem is when I burn it does it aout of place. about 130 mm up on table. Dont know why? I verifie the position of laser is the same in both layers.

Can you upload the file of the project that you are trying to make as well as pics of the actual project?

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Thank you for answr me. I did it in some way…I design i Fusio the peice yoy see in plan. Without the 5 litle semirectangules you see on top and botom. Then I draw this litle rect. in Lightburn and click in it to be blue. I think I do so. Actually I an design it all on Fusion hopping the DXF is quite right. Then maybe I do 2 or 3 passes. If I see this litle things are all burned around I stop and erase them from design , if I can. I make more passes withou them. My problem is the design in lightburn is not acuurate, precise. It makes me confuse the image going to a place and another and dont came becak to the same place.

@Joao I don’t think your problems are related to Lighburn as your sample. It looks like your laser is not tracking correctly. Please check belt tension to make sure your belts are neither too tight or too loose. They should have no slack but not stretched.

Are you able to get good burns using other software?

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