Starting point "Center" of non-centrical objects

Hi - not very new to the software but new on the forum :slight_smile:

I am engraving a lot of circular objects like descriptions around the circle (loudspeaker terminals description) - obviously I want them to be placed exactly at the point which I mark on the wood. As long as there is symmetrical text around the circle (so the object is symmetrical) it is not a problem - I jog the laser to the point I wish, I choose “center” as starting origin and it makes engraving right where I want it.

The problem starts, when I for example add the logo underneath that round/circle description (logo which is bigger) - then LightBurg calculates the center of the whole engraving which shifts from the center of the wheel downwards. Then obviously I cannot point the exact point on the wood, because the whole image is being shifted up.

I do not have Light burn on this PC but I attach paint picture with decription:

So basically I would like the lightburn to calculate “center” only of the cetrical objects ignoring other stuff which is not centrical.

Please help :slight_smile:

What you’re asking for is unfortunately not possible to do, however, if you created a circle around the smaller one, and made it large enough to enclose the full design, and set it not to output, it will do what you need:


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nice workaround!

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