Starting position

Is there a way to start lightburn at a specific location on an engraving? Example If I were to want to darken a section of the image and not the rest

You can use the preview in LightBurn - drag the slider (or use the arrow keys for fine tuning) to where you want it to start, then click ‘Start here’ at the bottom.

It is that easy? Using the preview i can start anywhere i want? that is too easy
Thank you Oz


Once you use the break apart command, How can I put it all back together ?

Edit > Auto Join selected shapes, or Alt+J.

I tried that and i did not have any success

That is not enough information for me to help you.

If I draw a circle, then use ‘Break apart’, then select it and use Auto-Join, it goes back together. What did you do, using what steps, and what was the result?

I had a engraving going. For some reason the laser just stopped. All I could do was restart the engraving. I do not know why it stopped, not that big a deal. So trying to not have to reburn everything ( and make it too dark ) I tried to find a way to only burn the area that was unfinished. I tried ungrouping and could not break any segments apart so then I tried break apart. This was before you told me to use the alt-P and start here feature. Once I broke it apart I was able to eliminate some of the drawing leaving the part that was left. Every time to burn it it said that there were 170 open ends and I could not get them to rejoin. I finished it by opening the original drawing and used the start here feature to finish

Removing parts of this art could leave some of the shapes open and not able to be filled. This is what the message is telling you. The best and easiest way is to use the ‘Start from Here’ as Oz suggested.

That is what I ended up doing. Thank you and Oz for your help :call_me_hand:

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