Static problems

Hi guys,

I’ve been experiencing some static problem recently with my Ortur LM2.
Does anyone here knows how to fix this problem?
I’m thinking of buying a static mat but don’t really know if that the right move for the problem I’m experiencing.


Try to ground like this. Worked for me.

Hey Kotabjorn thanks for sharing.

x to y to frame I can note in the pictures but where did you ground it?

The powder coat paint on the ends of the aluminum frame pieces is not electrically conductive. So you need to take the frame apart and sand off the paint on four ends and also the sides where they touch the other pieces. Then you can attach a ground wire under any one of the screws that hold the frame together. Then attach the wire to an electrical ground. Open up an outlet box and bring an extension of the green ground to the outside so you can attach your ground wire as needed. If you do not remove the paint you will only ground the section that the wire is connected to. Check with your multi meter to make sure all four pieces have zero ohms resistance between them. My laser works great.

Or just use the screw points? they are bare aluminium.

Thank you Howard this information was very helpful. My laser is working normal again.