Status of Lightburn Bridge

TopWisdom controllers use TCP, not UDP, and when I looked at it initially, it appeared that their Ethernet traffic was encrypted, so it wasn’t going to be trivial to support. Because it’s TCP already, using the LightBurn bridge wouldn’t gain you anything.

LightBurn does support rotary on TopWisdom, it just does it exactly the way that AutoLaser does - through the machine settings, not through our additional ‘Rotary Setup’ dialog.

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Oh - I see. Personally, I’ve never tried to use the lasers over the network, though. Our setup was rather small at first, but as it grows, it’d be nice to get the opportunity to use them over the network without the hazzle of USB cables across the room, which isn’t very big to begin with.
But - does autolaser work with these over the network?

Google was useful to find this answer, autolaser over ip - Google Search

Just curious - is this “encryption” the same as xor 0x63, as shown other places?

No, that would’ve been trivial to figure out. I haven’t looked in a while, but from what I recall, the command packets weren’t even the sizes I was expecting.

I understand - I guess there must be a fixed PSK or perhaps a keypair hidden somewhere, then. I just don’t understand why they would even bother to do this. Probably to charge a million for a license or something for those that can pay…

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