Stepper motor change

HI all
hoping someone can help me here

we have a new machine which uses a Model 573S15-L 1.2degree stepper for the Y axes which only has 3 wires going to the motor. When i google that model number i see a listing (ebay etc) to a motor that has 6 wires.

when i bought this machine i stupidly assumed my existing rotary would work, however the rotary uses a 4 wire stepper…i want to replace the stepper in the rotary so it will work with this machine …the connection for the rotary on the machine uses only 3 wires

am i missing something or can someone shed some light as to why the ones i see available have 6 wires and the one in the machine has only 3

its ok im stupid…the stepper on the machine has wires doubled up…

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