Stepper motor getting out of time while moving to next object

When engraving a design and the head moves from one object to the next moves so fast it it starting and stopping so fast from one object to the next that it is getting the stepper motor out of time. I assume it is a travel speed. how can I slow it down…

All the engraving speed and cutting speed works great. Just when it stops one line then warp speed to the next location and comes to a screeeching halt then engraves normally.

Can I change this speed. I am using lightburn on a cohesion 3d board.

This is well described in C3D’s configuration adjustment guide:
Configuration Adjustment Guide - Cohesion3D

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Dah! Thanks for straightening me out. Was wondering why I couldn’t find anything in Lightburn manual! Didn’t even think about cohesion manual. Thanks

Problem solved!

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