Stepper not working when rotary enable is checked

I am attempting to use my rotary axis, I plugged it in and change de power configuration at the driver and everything works fine, I can control from the panel and it moves well.
The problem appears when in Lightburn I enable the rotary, I send a file to be engraved but the rotary won’t move, I unplug it and plug the original stepper again and it won’t move either. Everything goes back to normal when I uncheck the “enable rotary” option, What could the solution be?


Why is this required? Do you have different motor on the rotary than on the axes you’re using.?

Lacking information here such as does it run the ‘test’ in the rotary window?

It sounds that when the rotary is selected, neither motor for that axes will operate?

Sounds conflicting as you state the rotary works fine initially…


Hi, Yes, the stepper motors are differen, that’s why I change the power configuration so the stepper doesn’t burn out…
It doews tun the “test”.
Exactly, if I check the “enable rotary”, the Y axes won’t move when I send a file to be engraved or cut, otherwise with the manual panel at the machine, i can move the axes

Do you have the correct axes selected in the Rotary setup?

Since the table or the rotary doesn’t work when ‘rotary’ is selected I’d think the Ruida is using the wrong axes. This is assuming that you are using the Y axes for the rotary.


Yes, it is plugged at the y axes and at Lightburn the only option available is the y axes for the rotary

I’ll have to think on this… if you can drive it from the console, that would indicate it’s working.

Add to that it works properly with the test button, but fails when you load the project… I would ‘assume’ that whatever is set to enable the rotary is set when you press the ‘test’ button…

There is a ‘Rotary Enable’ setting in the “Edit → Machine Settings”, however I think this is what Lightburn toggles, but that’s only a guess.

Maybe someone else that’s had the problem will chime it…

Might post which version of Lightburn you are running.


What controller? There is a firmware release for the 6445S and the 6445GT5 to fix rotary issues.

It is the 6445G

Is this a known issue?


The G does not have a problem, it uses the V15 firmware. The S and the GT5 use V26 and it had a bug in the rotary rouitines.

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