Still...Issues with LBRN and not in RDWorks

I am still having issues with Lightburn not aligning fills and lines.
When I run the same file on RDWorks, there’s no issues.
I had Bodor Techs reprogram my controller yesterday to the settings they suggest for the controller. (I accidentally reset it to factory settings…long story)
I noticed today that there are no values entered for scanning offset in lightburn.
When they reprogrammed my machine yesterday I watched my monitor as they did it remotely. They entered values via RDWorks which I believe are the same values that should be entered into the scanning offset menu in lightburn.
Please see the pictures below of the file I was sent from Bodor, which they ended up entering into my system. I know they are worded differently, but I believe these values are the same thing lightburn refers to as “scanning offset”.
I’m I right or wrong??

I would really like to get this figured out because I am unable to utilize my entire bed for mass production of large orders due to the misalignment issues. I can only do a few pieces at a time as it is now.

Thanks for any input you may have!

Scanning offset is the same as the reverse interval table in RDWorks, yes.

I went back through the threads and email chain, but you just kind of trailed off. You did a bunch of tests between LightBurn and RDWorks, but you didn’t use the same settings between them, and it seemed to improve when you did.

You say when you run files with RDWorks, they work, and with LightBurn you get misalignment issues - can you show me a current example of a file sent through both packages using the same settings?

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It seems there are so many variables which could cause my issue. I have had great success with lightburn and have have had failures as well. The times it does act up is on larger file runs when the area is wide along the x axis. These files agenerally take a long time to run, so tweaking this setting or that setting and running the file again and again is very time consuming and honestly, I haven’t done a lot of experimenting and I know that’s on me.
Last time we spoke, the results were awesome, then a week or so later not so much. In my head I figured it was either user error (different speed settings resulted in different outcomes) or I figured a bad stepper driver or motor which you suggested as well.

I know I did send you LB and RD files with different settings, my bad as well…I find RDWORKS complicating mainly due to the fact that I had never used it at the time.

I’m gonna try to input the settings into lightburn that the tech added to rdworks…who knows, that may be the answer. If it doesn’t work, I guess I’ll start with replacing drivers.

Stay safe out there!

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