Still not working right

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I am still having real trouble setting up may machine and yet to cut anything of use, it appears to be intermittent in understanding the layout of my page, at times it goes off the cutting area and not recognise my space. any ideas, using smoothiware

Read twice, are you asking a question here?

Sorry I thought this was the tech support site, not forum

Our Forum IS our support site. Is there a question we can help you resolve?

I wanted to extend the licence as due to sorting out the machine it’s still not operational

I have extended your trial by 2 weeks, so you should be able to continue your testing.

That will be when my endstops arrive so won’t give me much chance

Oh - you didn’t mention a timeframe initially - that would’ve been helpful. When the machine is running, send a message to support at lightburnsoftware dot com, include your key, and a link to this post and we can extend it again.

Yes that’s because I didn’t think this site would do it, but new to this and when I put my number I got told off like a child which I did not appreciate, when I asked about extending presumed I would get a link to explain and give my current code, however feel I got a rude response yet again, all users are not perhaps IT literate as yourselves!

I think Rick initially thought you had posted a license key here, not a trial ID. That’s happened before and it would let others take your license key, so we try to make sure people know not to.

If you’re using a machine that doesn’t have working end stops you’ll need to use ‘Current Position’ as the ‘Start From’ mode, and set the Job Origin setting appropriately. Read about how that mode works here:

For the trial extension, when you have the machine back up and running, just send an extension request email with the trial ID to and we’ll take care of it.

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