Still questionable "Cut Optimization Settings"


I still have some troubles with the Cut Optimization Settings: firstly the option “Choose corners, if possible” seems to have absolutely no effect, there ARE corners, but the cut DOESN’T start at them with no obvious reasons:

Also the “Cut in direction order” seems to be ignored or faulty, when using the option “From Bottom” combined with “Hide Backlash” and/or “Reduce direction changes” and/or “Reduce travel moves”.

I want to cut from bottom to top because of the thermal expansion of the material, which is fixed on the upper left on the table.

Are there any hints to bypass these troubles?

Many thanks in advance.

Can you attach the file? If your shape is a collection of disconnected lines instead of a single, continuous loop, there will be no corners as far as LightBurn knows. Make sure that your shapes are all joined - Try un-grouping the shape, then using Alt+J (Edit > Auto-Join selected shapes).

Hide Backlash forces a specific movement pattern designed to reduce the effect of backlash. It overrules a good number of the more optimal decisions made in the cut planner, and there’s not really any getting around that.

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