Stop button hangs-system is busy until I restart LB

I’m using a Mac running Ventura 13.4.1 and for a little while now, I’ve been having issue when using the stop button once I start a project. Pause works fine but if I choose stop, the system hangs and stays busy until I close LB and relaunch it. I’ve tried changing USB ports to no avail. It used to work just fine. I don’t see that there’s a bug fix in the latest update. Is anyone else having this problem? If I could just remember not to use that button until I’ve hit pause first, then I wouldn’t be asking but sometimes I forget that it doesn’t work the same as it used to.

Kathy, Had something similar a while back…I think I got around it by using pause first then the Stop button…Hope that help Good luck… :ghost:

Yes, pause then stop does work for me but sometimes I hit stop first by accident (usually when I’m in a bit of a panic) :laughing: and then it’s a big fat pain to get going again. I just wish it could work correctly like it used to. Must be strictly a Mac thing or more people would have the same issue. I think it was happening before I updated my OS to Ventura so I don’t think that’s why it happens. :woman_shrugging:t3: Thanks for your response.

The only other thing I can think of ( cause my laser is in bits some repair work), Turn the Laser off and pull the Blue cable from the Laser and plug it back in again (affectedly resetting it I think).
Works on my Sculpfun S9, no restarting LB…Merlin…

Don’t think so… some of these control boards don’t do so great…

Also, the grbl controllers take a few instruction in, then wait until is can get the next… it’s streamed and you are interrupting it when you want to pause or halt…

I have two of them that my Ubuntu (Linux) that don’t handle the stop/pause very well or not at all…

I moved the big laser over to Ethernet, it was a great relief from USB… I know that’s not always an option.


Powering off the laser and turning back on does reset it most of the time. Weird that the stop button used to work just fine up until (I think) 2 updates ago, maybe 3. Pause has always worked for me and from there I can stop successfully but only if I use pause first. I guess I just need to be careful to only use pause until it gets fixed. Thanks for your input.

Go back 3 or so updates and see what happens…yeah never know till you try…Merlin…

I guess I could just to see where the problem started but I don’t want to lose the new features so I’m not sure it’s worth the time. :neutral_face: Thanks for the idea though. If I didn’t know a workaround, I’d definitely try it.

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