Strange axis behaviour

Hi All,

I have a self built Laser Cutter 2.0, with a Trocen AWC708c controller.

I am still trying to configure my laser cutter, such that it will move consistently.

The work area of my laser cutter is 500x290mm

I did at one point have the X axis running fine, but the Y axis was very jerky and regularly tried to move too fast and stalled the stepper. I now have the Y axis running smoothly across its entire length, but the X axis moves very slowly and will not traverse the whole axis, the only changes I have made to either axis are purely in the parameters settings. once I had the X axis running well, I simply copied the settings to the Y axis, after which the X axis started playing up.

If I power on the machine with its current settings it will home both X and Y correctly and then move to what it believes is the last origin I defined. Unfortunately, the X axis version of this location is wrong and it believes that the 500mm X max is around half way along the gantry.

If I reset the values for the X axis using a measured distance, then the X axis will move the correct distances and the pulses per um will update, however if I reset the controller to home it and re-define the zero positions, all of the X axis parameters will be exactly what they changed to just before the reset, however it will be back to only using half of the X axis and also back to being slow again.

It does not seem to matter what I set the X axis parameters to, the axis reverts to same behaviour after a power off or reset, even though the parameters say exactly what I set them to prior to that reset.

Another anomaly is that should I jog the Y axis to its end stop and trigger it, the jogging direction will now be reversed.

I appreciate that this is not a Lightburn specific issue, I am just looking for some pointers as to what I may be doing wrong.

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