Strange behavior of entering numbers

hi there, I have an “error report”.
I’m using the trial version (yes, I’ll buy it in a few days when money come), and found very strange behavior when entering numbers in object coordinates.
I’m using the “czech” language, and there’s comma (",") as a decimal digit separator. That’s OK, in varions dialogues it displays correctly. I’d be glad, if I could use the dot, but I can survive with comma… But now to the problem:
In coordinates of object, there’s ALWAYS the digit with the dot separator. It means, that if I change the only one digit and press enter, nothing happens, because there’s the dot instead of comma. So I have to delete the whole number and write it again, even if I want to change just one digit (or I have to change the dot to the comma manually). It’s quite uncomfortable, and took me quite long time to discover, why objects not moving or resize, especially when the value is displayed with dot, why should I write the comma?!?

Anyway, regardless of this bug, LightBurn works well with my Trocen controller . Ehm… UD5 files works great, I didn’t test the direct connection. But still better than using the LaserCAD with Wine emulator. Thumbs up!
Best regards, O.Pachner

I have sent you a private message. I believe I have this fixed already for the next release, but I’d like you to verify that it works.

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