Strange changes to arcs in LB

Hey Lightburners!
Attached are 2 pics: one is the what is shown on the screen from Inkscape for a part I am cutting, the other is the actual part cut.

In the shorter arcs, there is some funkiness with the nodes in the middle of the arc. The nodes have been smoothed, not autosmoothed.

I import into LB as an SVG from Inkscape…
Pictures say more when words fail me to describe this occurence.

any advice on how to deal with this? As you can see, there are other arcs with nodes in the middle and elsewhere, and it doesn’t get the same treatment…

Win10, Inkscape 0.92, Lightburn, Redsail X900 with Ruida controller.!

Hi Paul,

That looks like a bug in the arc handling when importing, but I would expect that to be visible in the LightBurn file long before it was run - was that not the case? Can you zip and email me the file?

actually, I just looked, and the defect is visible in LB, I guess i didn’t even check it first.

Where would I send the file?

Send it to developer at LightBurnSoftware dot com

sent. let me know what you find.

and please continue to rock on! you guys are the best.